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The Hub @ Sutherland is a purpose-built municipal communications team. A unique collective of experienced communicators, strategists and creative marketers who are experts in their respective fields. Whether you are a business wanting to work with a municipality or you are a municipality with a large project about to roll out, The Hub is your partner for municipal strategy, planning and execution. Don’t spin your wheels, go to The Hub.

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The Spokes of the Hub

Like the hub of a wheel, we rotate, spin and radiate outwards as a team – each spoke delivering the services our clients need. The experience and diversity of our unique partnership means we are able to push the envelope and stretch the boundaries of what is possible.

The Hub @ Sutherland - Strategic Communications
Strategic Communications
The Hub @ Sutherland - Municipal Public Affairs
Public Affairs
The Hub @ Sutherland - Creative Marketing
Creative Marketing
The Hub @ Sutherland - Digital Social Media Platforms
Digital Social Media Platforms
The Hub @ Sutherland - Web Development
Web Development
The Hub @ Sutherland - Design & Copy
Design & Copy
The Hub @ Sutherland - Video & Event Production
Video & Event Production
The Hub @ Sutherland - Media Production
Media Production
The Hub @ Sutherland - Television
The Hub @ Sutherland - Radio and Podcasting
The Hub @ Sutherland - Radio and Podcasting
Complete In-house Studios
Complete In-house Studios

Live. Work. Engage. Move. Thrive.

The Hub @ Sutherland helps local governments, businesses and community organizations achieve their goals. We find solutions, we create content, we drive implementation and generate results. If you have a project to roll-out into your community, or you are a business or organization ready to introduce a project for municipal consideration, The Hub is your partner for municipal strategy, planning and execution.

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We Know Municipal

The Hub @ Sutherland - We KNow Municiple

Municipalities today are faced with complex and multidimensional issues that affect businesses, residents and the overall quality of life in neighborhoods across Canada. More than ever, dynamic, multi-stakeholder, cross-jurisdictional issues require best-in-practice communications solutions. We know municipal. We understand how it works and why it matters.

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The world may spin like a wheel - but The Hub is steady.

Strategic Communications & Public Relations

We work with you to promote brands, devise campaign platforms and advocate legislation all while promoting your favourable public image.

  • Strategic planning + counsel
  • Campaigns + Announcements
  • Strategic writing – speeches, byline articles
  • Community Relations + Consultation
  • Media Relations
  • Stakeholder Relations
  • CEO Platforms
  • Corporate Thought Leadership
  • Research
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Lobbying
  • Reporting and monitoring
  • Stakeholder Engagement
Digital + Social Media

We build your audience and your brand to ensure your message is heard and your goals are front and centre in today’s hyper-busy online world.

  • Build Brand Channels
  • Earned + Paid Amplification
Web Development, Design + Copy

We create a strong online presence, anchored by the web platforms you need to deliver the content that your audience requires.

  • Strategic Design + Website Creation
  • SEO + SEM
  • Content Programs + Platforms
Video & Event production – Complete In-house Studios

We have the expertise and capacity through our in-house production studios to create and produce video and live events that turn heads and bring your message to life.

  • Event Management
  • Film / Greenscreen studio
  • Sound Recording + Mixing
  • Podcast Development + Recording
  • Video Development, Shoot + Editing
Media production, Radio, Television, Podcasting

Broadcast-ready and web-ready formatted, we help guide, develop, script and produce all the marketing elements you need to drive your message.

  • Video + Audio studios
  • Music + Jingle Production
  • Graphic Design + Animation

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Hub: The effective center of an activity, region, or network.

This Hub has been created for you. The Hub @ Sutherland is the coming together of two unique, established, experienced and creative organizations to provide the pinnacle of strategic communications, municipal public affairs and creative marketing. Our unique relationship means we support each other, play off each other and elevate each other’s strengths to create a powerful collective of services that no other organization can offer. Together, we’re building incredible opportunities for Canadians.

The Hub @ Sutherland - Sutherland

Sutherland is the foundation on which The Hub @ Sutherland is built. Sutherland’s expertise is developing, building and executing solutions that resolve public affairs challenges so clients can maximize their opportunities in the Canadian marketplace. Sutherland is a Canadian leader in government affairs, offering effective project management and communications with government decision makers, internal audiences and key stakeholders.

The Hub @ Sutherland - CVC Communications Agency

CVC Communications Agency is the creative and production centre of The Hub @ Sutherland. With over 40 years of expertise in marketing, digital film production, event management, web design and learning, CVC has driven focussed communications that keep internal audiences trained, aligned and inspired, and external audiences attracted, engaged and motivated by your brand. And it’s all brought to life in their in-house video, audio and graphic design studios.

We have come together in a unique partnership because we believe Municipal Means More today than it ever has in Canada’s history. And because, together, we have More to Offer Municipalities. We believe that Municipalities - in partnership with business and communities - can build incredible opportunities for Canadians of all walks of life.

Experience the Energy of The Hub.

Who are the Hub-sters?

The Hub @ Sutherland - Paul Sutherland

Paul Sutherland

President & CEO
The Hub @ Sutherland - Dan Bordonali

Dan Bordonali

Executive Vice-President & COO
The Hub @ Sutherland - Emma Hunt

Emma Hunt

Director, Strategic & Business Communications
The Hub @ Sutherland - Robert Angeloni

Robert Angeloni

CVC Agency - President
The Hub @ Sutherland - Daniel Angeloni

Daniel Angeloni

CVC Agency - Operations Director
The Hub @ Sutherland - Glen Lynch

Glen Lynch

CVC Agency - Creative Director
The Hub @ Sutherland - Glenn Forbes

Glenn Forbes

CVC Agency - Writer & Director

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